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Vibey Fest

Vibey Fest 2023 will take place at Siberia Lounge on St. Claude this Saturday, Feb. 11th.

By Landry von Bohn

February 11, 2023

Vibey Fest 2023 will take place at Siberia Lounge on St. Claude this Saturday, Feb. 11th. As well as featuring some of New Orleans’ most beloved groups from the alt-pop and indie scenes, respectively, attendees will also get to hear the debut of Rewind, the newest single from indie band Kelly Duplex. NOLA.Today sat down with guitarist Shane Avrard and drummer Dreux Lebourgeois for their take on their new single.

Avrard, who wrote the lyrics and melody, says of his work, “It’s my new favorite, just because of how straightforward it is. It’s more polished than some of our past stuff, for sure.”

I asked about the vibe behind the song, the answer was, a line of graffiti Avrard found in Barcelona: We all feel the lack.

“When I was writing the song, I was going through a rough separation from my partner or seven years,” says Avrard. “And Rewind has sort of been a meditation on that feeling of lacking. It’s a feeling where you know that you’re doing the right and you’ll be okay, ultimately, but you do, you feel that lack. I think that’s something people can relate to.”

The bandmates agree that the song has both a happy vibe and a sad vibe, culminating in a certain melancholy which, Lebourgeois posits, is present in all music. “Maybe even in all forms of art,” he suggests.

Kelly Duplex will perform the song at Vibey Fest, accompanied by Avery Legendre, of Kay Weathers fame, on bass.

Both Avrard and Lebourgeois have been with Vibey Fest since the beginning, which was first instituted at Siberia Lounge (then Carnival Lounge) in 2021. The two bandmates initially organized the event as a showcase for newcomers to the music scene. “It sort of evolved from another project we were working on called ‘No Cash for JazzFest’ ,” Avrard recalls. “The purpose was to create a curated line-up of local artists. Curated, but not exclusive, if that makes sense. We definitely don’t want anything to feel cliquy.”

Tickets to the event are for sale online and will also be available at the door for $10.

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