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2400 St. Claude Avenue

Baby's to Serve Vegetable-Oriented Lunch in the Marigny

The café is taking over Byrdie's Pottery former home

By Stan

August 14, 2022

As Byrdie's Pottery readies a move around the corner, Baby's is renovating the space into a full-service coffee shop offering food and alcohol in addition to a standard drip and espresso menu.

Baby's will be open 7am - 4pm every day of the week, with both indoor and outdoor seating. While exterior renovations will be limited to replacing window sills, it appears the interior is getting a major overhaul.

While there is no shortage of cafés in the Marigny—St. Coffee, Flora, Orange Couch, and Who Dat are all within a five minute walk—what may set Baby's apart is the primarily vegetarian menu. While a meat plate starter, pork + eggplant ravioli, and a proscuitto + brie sandwich will be offered, the rest of the menu is devoid of meat.

Hearty salads will be offered, including an Arugula + Parmesan Salad, a Beet + Grapefruit Salad, a Brussel Sprout + Apple Salad, and a Fresh Corn + Chickpea Salad.

Sandwiches on the menu include Mushroom + Brie Sandwich, a Hummus + Vegetable Sandwich, an Herbed Tofu Sandwich–all served with a side salad.

Entrees include various pasta dishes and grain bowls, as well as a veggie pot pie and "green Shakshuka."

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