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225 Bourbon St

VCC General Work Permit

Street View of 225 Bourbon St
To install new roof on flat roof of main building and to repair existing slate roof of rear building as per materials stamped VCC approved 09/23/2022. Work includes:
• Installation of new cold applied mod-bit roofing in grey color on main building
• Installation of through wall counter flashing and impervious mortar caps on parapets of main building
• Replacement of existing roof hatch with a new roof hatch
• Repair to the existing slate roof of the rear building including replacement of any damaged or missing slates with new matching slates
• Removal of any vegetation growing from the buildings and repointing of the masonry as per VCC standard details (attached)
• Painting existing vents on rear roof to match the color of the slate shingles
Ref code JTQZCL