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823-825 Decatur St

VCC General Work Permit

Street View of 823-825 Decatur St
To renovate building and correct violations as per Architecture Committee approval of 12/21/2021 and materials stamped VCC approved 09/23/2022. Work includes:
• On the Madison elevation of the rear building, existing garage style door and steel beam to be removed and brick column restored to form three equal bays
• New matching, in-swinging wood doors to be install in all three bays
• Balconies and galleries to be restored throughout property including removal of any plywood or other membranes if installed over tongue and groove boards. All balconies and galleries to have tongue and groove wood decking as the walking surface
• Any and all graffiti to be removed from the building
• Any vegetation growing from the building to be cut down, sprayed with herbicide, and allowed to wilt several days prior to removal. Masonry or stucco to be repaired at areas of vegetation growth to match existing
• Existing doors and windows to be repaired to match existing
• Any abandoned HVAC equipment to be removed from the roof
• Previously removed decorative metal panels are to be re-installed in their original locations in the doors on the Decatur elevation
• All exterior paint colors to be reviewed and permitted separately

NOTE: Permit issued in response to violations. Work shall commence within 30 days from the date of permit issuance. Work must be completed no more than 60 days after work begins. Owner will call VCC for final inspection upon completion of work. Penalty fees
Ref code TQ1LBR