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3933 Magazine St

Renovation (Non-Structural) Permit

Street View of 3933 Magazine St
Non-Structural Renovation (less than 50% of value) of an existing single-story double shotgun commercial building.
The project is a minimal renovation, with no change of use, for a new retail tenant to replace a previous retail tenant.
• remove non-historical metal post and railing elements at front porch
• new turned wood posts at porch, compatible with existing Victorian style brackets and decorative rails.
• new planter
• new drip flashing, fascia, gutters and downspouts at side yard eaves where gutters are missing.
• demolition on non-structural interior partitions and fixtures
• new mechanical systems to supplement existing
• new lighting
• new interior casework - including retail display and point of sale desk
• replace plumbing fixtures in existing bathroom
Ref code K405F6