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2315-2317 St Andrew St

VCC General Work Permit

Street View of 2315-2317 St Andrew St
This is a substantial improvement of the oldest house in central city. Applicant owns the lot next door and will resubdivide with the the house and use side yard and for off street parking. The property is historic and is on the PRC's endangered structures. Elevating the building would destroy the historic integrity, HOWEVER, WE HAVE ORDERED A NEW SURVEY AND ELEVATION. This permit is for removing debris and rotten wood, bracing the rear structure in order to remove the roof which has collapsed part way down. Once we are back to the basics, we will rebuild both the front and rear structure, replace bad sills and floor joists, ceiling joists, roof rafters and ridge where necessary, deck roof of front and rear section with plywood and finish with architectural shingles. The exterior weatherboards will be replaced where necessary with like materials, primed and painted. Windows and doors will be repaired or replaced where necessary. 2315-17 St. Andrew is one of the oldest buildings in the neighborhood and a rare example of a Creole Cottage outside of the city’s historic French and Creole neighborhoods. The property contains the historic main block, one-story rear additions, and a two-story attached outbuilding. The building is a 4-bay, 1½ story, wood frame, Creole cottage. Built up to the lot
line, it is raised on a brick pier foundation with a stucco chain wall that spans the length of the
front facade. The building has a side-gable roof with an extended eave over t
Ref code 45PAV6