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717 Orleans Ave

VCC General Work Permit

Street View of 717 Orleans Ave
To repair/renovate gallery/balcony on the Orleans elevation of the blue-rated portion of the property and to renovate the alley space on the St. Ann side of the property, all as per Architecture Committee approval of 08/23/2022 and materials stamped VCC approved 09/07/2022. Work includes:
• Structurally reinforcing the railing, balcony, and gallery as per plans
• Railing components to be salvaged as much as possible; rotted, damaged, or missing components to be replaced to exactly match existing
• At the alleyway, replace existing metal gate with new matching metal gate; new gate to be open and not feature any solid backing
• Installation of new copper downspout to be run over the gate and extended to the sidewalk
Ref code FA31MU