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824 Esplanade Ave

VCC General Work Permit

Street View of 824 Esplanade Ave
To replace roof following hurricane damage, retaining some existing flashing, gutters and downspouts, etc. per attached materials stamped VCC approved 09/06/2022:
Remove existing roofing materials
Repair and/or replace underlayment and ice & water shield as necessary
Install new 18” x 12” x <3/8” natural slate (grey/green) on roof and dormer cheek walls, using copper nails
Install new galvanized valley flashing, lead plumbing vents, and galvanized step flashing at roof to wall transitions. Retain existing galvanized counterflashing.
Install prefinished metal drip edge at existing gutters, in finish to match galvanized metal.
Install/reinstall ceramic or concrete V-style or terra cotta ridge tiles. Replace broken tiles as needed, to match existing.

NOTE: Existing galvanized cap flashing is prescribed, but may not be removed or replaced without permit. Future removal will require compliance with current VCC Design Guidelines and standards for mortar parapet caps.
Ref code 8GWKWL