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731 Patterson St, 729 Patterson St

HDLC Certificate of Appropriateness

Street View of 731 Patterson St, 729 Patterson St
I received a notice dated June 7 regarding items that needed to be addressed on my home. I spoke to Tracy St Julien and she extended my application period until August 10th. 1. Notice I received indicated missing or deteriorated weatherboards; need to replace those on the shed due to Hurricane Ida. 2. Notice indicated deteriorated or missing porch railings: I explained to Tracy St Julien when we bought this home over 30 years ago it has never had hand railings; we actually applied to have them installed many years ago and were told by HDLC that we could not because they were not part of the original home....so she said she was removing that from the notice because the inspector would have no way of knowing that. 3. Missing or deteriorated gutters or downspouts: I again explained that this house has never had gutters and downspouts and that would be removed as well. 4. Missing or deteriorated soffits and/or fascia: damaged during Hurricane Ida and will replace. 5. Vegetation growing on building: will have growing vines on back of home removed.
Ref code 44VSD1