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1000 St Philip St, 1012 St Philip st

VCC General Work Permit

Street View of 1000 St Philip St, 1012 St Philip st
Repoint masonry on rear building and brick pilaster supporting St. Philip side gates, per materials stamped VCC approved 08/26/2022:
To repoint masonry utilizing mortar mixed and applied per the VCC standard detail sheet (attached)
Any deteriorated, cracked, or broken bricks shall be replaced to match existing in color, size, material, porosity, detail, profile and exposure.
All reinstalled masonry must be properly "toothed in" to existing masonry wall, using VCC mortar formula (attached).
All mortar to be mixed using the VCC recipe (attached) with a maximum of 1 part Portland Cement, to 3 parts lime, to 9 parts sand, and enough water to form a workable mix. Prepackaged mixes are not permitted. The resulting mix should range in color from off-white to beige but should not be grey in color.
Ref code BAFPMX