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411 Decatur St

VCC General Work Permit

Street View of 411 Decatur St
Repair and/or replace underlayment as necessary
Install new 12” x 18” natural slate (grey/green), using copper nails
rusing existing gutters and downspout
Install/reinstall ceramic or concrete V-style or terra cotta ridge tiles. Replace broken tiles as needed, to match existing.
Metal cap-flashing on the parapets or chimneys is not allowed
use gray GACO behind parapet and for scuppers
copper drip edge only

Note: Trash chutes are required for removal of debris from all roofs. All work must conform to standard VCC policies & guidelines. Permit does not allow for cap flashing on parapets, chimneys or surrounding walls. Torch-applied roofing is not permitted in the Vieux Carré.
Ref code WMZ3T8