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4950 Dauphine St Bldg 1

Renovation (Structural) Permit

Street View of 4950 Dauphine St Bldg 1
Structural renovation of an existing 46,094, 4-stry building to be a multifamily residence as per plans. (A)

Total scope of site: New 140-unit apartment development. Work shall include the renovation of an existing 3-story building, as well as new construction of two (2) 4-story buildings, and one (1) single story structure. Work also includes construction of new surface parking lots, hardscape features, paving, and landscaping. NOTE - there are two zoning classifications assigned to the parcel with this municipal address. The zoning classification for the area of the parcel within this development is MU-1, not HU-MU, per City Planning Commission staff determination.
Ref code D7HN42