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1611 Prytania St

HDLC Certificate of Appropriateness

Street View of 1611 Prytania St
Address HDLC violations including the following:  Missing or deteriorated gutters and / or downspouts. – Right Elevation near the front of house is missing. To be replaced.
 Deteriorated or missing porch railings. – 1611 Prytania entry on right side of porch, the cast iron handrail is missing. To be built using the handrails in the middle windows. The guards in the windows will be replaced with a simple picket.
 Missing or deteriorated columns. – Right Elevation, 2nd story balcony. These columns will be fixed, and replaced. AA to provide MLM with a detail
 Missing or deteriorated weatherboards. – These were found at both side elevations. AA to take photos and call out locations to be repaired.
 Deteriorated Masonry at Chimneys. - 2nd Chimney front the front is missing its cap, and needs to be repaired.
 Plywood installed at chain wall. – The plywood at the front elevation (at the chain wall) will be removed, and infilled with CMU w/ a parge coat. The entire chain wall will be repainted.
 Deteriorated rails at shutters. – The rails at the shutters will be repaired. We discussed removal of the shutters, Michael is deciding if he would like to repair the non-historic shutters, or remove them entirely.
 Deteriorated window sill. – First Floor Window, Left elevation, window closest to the front elevation. Will ne repaired, along with the siding below it.
 Missing column at service wing. – See column comments above. This column will be replaced, AA to provi
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