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308 Royal St

VCC General Work Permit

Street View of 308 Royal St
Remove all string lights on the property

Remove deteriorated floor boards, stringers, and fascia boards.
Install new natural wood 3"x4" beaded stringers, natural wood 5/4x4 T&G floorboards, and natural wood 7/8" fascia with ½" bead, all as per VCC Standard Detail Sheet No. 12 (attached).
Synthetic and/or composite material are NOT ALLOWED

Rear gutters, Rear downspouts...Sandy Ridge, SW7535, semigloss
Second floor, Royal elevation balcony fascia, underside...Moderate White, SW6140, semigloss
Second floor, Royal elevation balcony decking..."Light Gray", semigloss

All work must conform to the VCC policies & guidelines. All repair/replacement work shall match existing in color, size, material, detail, profile and exposure. Failure to exactly match materials, details, profiles, exposures, and/or VCC mortar specified in the permit and associated attachments will result in a VCC Stop Work Order, VCC violation, and mandated repair of improper work.

*In resposne to violations*
*Does not address all outstanding violations*

Ref code 10AFVV