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924-926 Ursulines Ave

VCC General Work Permit

Street View of 924-926 Ursulines Ave
To renovate the main building as per Architecture Committee approval of 05/10/2022 and materials stamped VCC approved 12/07/2022. Work includes:
• Removal of existing dormer windows and installation of new arched top transom wood windows
• Repair existing Fire Free roofing material to match existing
• Removal of the center door on the rear elevation with the opening to be closed with new wood lap siding
• Installation of new board and batten shutters at the window on the stair landing to the rear building
• Repairs to existing windows, doors, trim, and shutters, all to match existing
• Repointing of masonry as per standard details
• All windows and doors to be made from wood and be true divided lite with glass glazing (tempered if desired)

NOTE: All exterior painting to be permitted separately. Locations of mechanical equipment conceptually approved. Installation of mechanical equipment to be permitted separately with additional information on the specific equipment.
Ref code GWV7R1