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1937 Desire St

Renovation (Structural) Permit

Street View of 1937 Desire St
1) Remove all floor joist and support beams in front area of home.

2) Demo concrete where needed for construction of continuous footing on front portion of home approximately 120 ft.

3) Construct new pier system on continuous footing approximately 6 ft apart.

4) Install new support beam and joist system on front portion of home.

5) Remove and replace all damaged sills on home.

6) Remove and replace all damaged sills on home.

7) Sister all damaged floor joists on home.

8) Remove and replace damaged piers and chain wall on back portion of home “10” pier systems.

9) Footing will measure 16” D x 26” W x 26” L with #5 steel rebar and poured with 4,000 PSI concrete, all piers will measure 8” x 24” CMU. Piers blocks are sill and shimmed with concrete board and capped Aluminum termite pans with hurricane straps on perimeter piers, or per engineer specs.
Ref code XKNSC3