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307 Royal St

VCC General Work Permit

Street View of 307 Royal St
To install one (1) double-faced wood sign to read “xxx” per drawings stamped VCC approved 11/15/2022:
Sign will measure: 21"w in circle. the rider underneath wil be 22"w x 3" h the total square inches of both will measure 412 inches
Sign will hang perpendicular to the street, centered above the door….
Sign will hang from chains…
Sign will have a black ground with red lettering
No additional illumination or lighting is approved

Note: All existing signs must be removed and no additional signs may be installed. The bottom of the sign shall be at least 7’-0” above the surface of the sidewalk beneath it. Signs shall not extend beyond 4'-0" from the building face.
Ref code 8CWE4U