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700 Dauphine St, 706

VCC General Work Permit

Street View of 700 Dauphine St, 706
Remove vegetation growing on property.
Replace/repair damaged deck boards and handrails on the balcony with pressure treated lumber, prime and areas worked on only. ALL WORK TO MATCH EXISTING
Replace rotten (hollow) 2x4s and 2x6s.
Scrape, sand prime and paint areas with loose paint only.
Replace damaged weather boards on entire property with cypress weather boards. Only Paint boards Replaced.
Prep, scrape prime and paint all of the areas deteriorated and use view Carre mix where needed on concrete areas.
Replace damaged wooden post bases prime paint bases only.
Repair existing damaged shutters on property.
Repair damaged wooden steps on Dauphine side of property. (We are not painting entire building. Property has been weathered by outside elements; we are not responsible for a perfect match of painted areas.)
NOTE: Permit issued in response to violations. Work shall commence no less than 30 days after permit is issued. Work must be completed no less than 60 days after work begins. Owner will call VCC for final inspection upon completion of work.
Ref code J18Y43