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1133 Decatur St

VCC General Work Permit

Street View of 1133 Decatur St
To make repairs and correct violations on the Decatur St. elevation as per materials stamped VCC approved 11/14/2022. Work includes:
• Removal of existing light fixtures from under balcony
• Installation of three new Remcraft 111 fixtures, each centered above each of the ground floor doors
• All fixtures shall use lamps with the following criteria: 3000K color temperature, 80+ color rendering index, and 800-1200 lumens per bulb
• Repairs and repainting to existing balconies including replacing damaged deck boards and fascia with new matching wood boards

NOTE: Permit issued in response to violations. Work shall commence within 30 days from the date of permit issuance. Work must be completed no more than 60 days after work begins. Owner will call VCC for final inspection upon completion of work. Penalty fees may apply because of improper or unauthorized work.
Ref code 0EQ14X