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1432 Melpomene St

Renovation (Non-Structural) Permit

Street View of 1432 Melpomene St
Submission was originally made in 2021 however Ida delayed finding a contractor, the 2021 permit application expired, and Owner was advised to re-submit. This new submission has a reduced scope on both the interior and exterior. The Work is the renovation of existing raised house with slab-supported underside apartment. Interior renovation activities include minor partition revision on the first floor to make new closets, and a bathroom addition on the second floor. Minor exterior repairs include painting, removing existing window AC units cut into the walls and patching the holes, replacing the porch railing with a guard railing to IRC code, and re-finishing the threshold/ landing of the exterior stair to IRC code. Plumbing work for a new bathroom, replace existing HVAC system with a new HVAC system to be coordinated by Contractor. Installation of new Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors.
Ref code T7CT10