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1211 Royal St

VCC General Work Permit

Street View of 1211 Royal St
• Remove all existing, unpermitted and/or unshielded light fixtures
• Install two new WAC 5” Round fixtures to the underside of the balcony/gallery centered over the window/door openings as per materials stamped VCC approved 10/20/2022.
• Fixtures shall be painted or prefinished to match adjacent building surface.
• All wiring shall be placed in conduits
• All conduits shall be placed along the inside corners of building surfaces as much as possible, such as along gallery/balcony purlins at the deck line, and painted to match the adjacent surfaces.
• All fixtures shall use lamps with the following criteria: 3000K color temperature, 80+ color rendering index, and 600-800 lumens per bulb
Ref code VF471Q