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1730-1732 Elysian Fields Ave

Renovation (Structural) Permit

Street View of 1730-1732 Elysian Fields Ave
1) Remove entire foundation.

2) Replace with new pier systems on entire home approximately every 6ft.

3) All exterior piers will be constructed of brick.

4) Construct continuous footing and chain wall on front porch with (2) vents.

5) Remove and replace all damaged sill on home, approximately 200’ of 6” x 6” pressure treated lumber.

6) Sister all damaged floor joist approximately (40) floor joist.

7) Pour concrete footing for front steps, construct brick steps on both sides.

8) All Footings will measure 16” D x 24” W x 28” L with #5 steel reinforce rebar and poured with 4,000 PSI concrete, all piers will measure 8” x 24” CMU. Piers blocks are built to sill and shimmed with concrete board and capped Aluminum termite pans.

(10/04/22: This is tjhe Phase I SOW at this address. Phase II will be completed under 22-12769-RNVN)
Ref code 43AHVL