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1136 St Bernard Ave

HDLC Certificate of Appropriateness

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Renovation - 1. Remove inappropriate front door unit and install historically appropriate front door. 2. Original window unit are damaged beyond repair due to termite and weather damage. Remove and replace all window units on home, replace with 6 over 6 window units to match existing window units. 3. Replace wind turbines on roof system with low profile electric attic vents. 4. Remove and replace gutter system. 5. Move door location on right side of home, install French style louver shutters in rear porch. 6.Remove and replace uncapped vertical board fencing in front and rear yard. 7. Remove and replace vertical board fencing in the front yard. 8 Install accessory window structure on rear of home. 9 Install mechanical equipment on roof behind screen. Change rear roof line as per specifications. construct overhang on side porch.
Ref code WHSFNW