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1537 Euterpe St A

HDLC Certificate of Appropriateness

Street View of 1537 Euterpe St A
Work to correct HDLC violations including:  Vegetation growing on the building. – Left elevation, this is not Michael’s building, it is the shed for an adjacent building on St. Charles.
 Missing or deteriorated gutters and/or downspouts. – Accordion’s downspouts will be added to the end of the downspouts to get the water to the ground. All missing will be fixed. To be found at right elevation.
 Deteriorated fencing. – Right Elevation, all fences and gates at the front and side of the house will be repaired.
 Deteriorated plumbing connections. – Left elevation, this is a gas riser installed by Entergy. They will need to remove it, in the meantime MLM will paint this.
 Missing or deteriorated weatherboards, some weatherboards are unpainted. – AA and MLM didn’t see any deteriorated weatherboards. The soffit seems to need repair and paint. MLM will provide a price to remedy this.
 The plywood at the second story deck on the right elevation will need to be cut back at the right elevation.
Ref code XJJZ1Z