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1631 Frenchmen St

Renovation (Non-Structural) Permit

Street View of 1631 Frenchmen St
We are applying for the permit to do this work on the entire property, this would include both apartments 1631 and 1633 Frenchmen St.
Demo the exterior (taking off the siding)
To hang and install drywall (interior walls) sheets over the studs. To hang, tape, joints to be Mudd finish float as a level 4.
To do necessary repairs over existing un-finish dry Walls. This includes apartment number one and two.
To install new plywood all around the perimeter of the entire house.
To install new woven housewrap along the entire perimeter of the house.
To install James Hardi siding around the entire house.
To install all trims on windows and fascia.
To remove old asphalt shingles, felt, paper and plumbing flanges.
To remove existing asphalt shingles.
To remove existing felt paper.
Do complete inspection of decking.
To remove all drip edge flashing.
To Remove all existing plumbing vent stacks.
To remove all ventilation.
Install new drip edges flashing.
Install new ice/water underlayment and leak barrier.
Install new synthetic felt as an underlayment and leak barrier.
Install new ventilation.
Install all new plumbing boots.
Install starter row.
To install new 30 year architectural shingles on the entire roof.
To build and frame a new set of stairs with 19 steps in apartment 1633 Frenchmen St.

Ref code KL7L7A