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Tangiers Combo

Born of the roots of many cultures in the Northern-most Caribbean town, New Orleans, The Tangiers Combo transports listeners to the vibrating land of poets, writers, musicians and cultural refugees. Thick with artistic and ideological infusion, the uniquely positioned Mediterranean city of Tangiers distilled the best rhythms of the surrounding continents. In the same spirit, The Tangiers Combo combines French bal musettes, Latin waltzes, American songbook classics, and Caribbean beats. A steady homage to New Orleans' jazz heritage forms the backbone. Forgotten tunes and favorite standards weave a tale of musical intrigue and delight. The Tangiers Combo is comprised of Carl Keith on guitar, Eric Rodriguez on the fiddle, Jason Danti on the reeds and vocalist Meryl Zimmerman. Don't be surprised, however, if you find musical friends sharing the stage, contributing to the musical tapestry.

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calendar Sunday, June 09, 2024
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